Quick Reference Guide to Locate Searches

You may not always find yourself in need to hire a private investigator to locate an individual, but there are times and certain circumstances when using unconventional methods to locate someone are necessary. These circumstances can range from a landlord looking for a tenant who moved suddenly without providing a forwarding address and still owes money on their lease. Or, you could also be a separated spouse who is looking for alimony or child support payments, but the ex-spouse has disappeared and is skipping out on his or her court ordered payments. During these tough and uncertain times, you may be questioning where to turn for support.

We here at Docusearch are here to help. Our team of private investigators are state licensed and well experienced at performing the searches you need to locate the person you need. Depending on your situation there are a number of angles that we can use in our search. We’ll work with you, listen to the situation, analyze the details and recommend the person search that’s right for you. Details that influence whether you choose on search over the other would be whether or not this person had moved within or outside of three months, if you had their social security number, the information that you’re looking, if you had a previous address. Each of these pieces of information compared with the information you’re seeking will determine which of the five Docusearch person searches is right for you.

To make the process easier we have updated our website with a quick reference guide to help you do some preliminary research about our service, pricing and what you can expect in your results. On it, you will find a quick comparison chart and a brief description of each available search.

For a detailed breakdown of the complete person search services and prices check out our quick reference guide at http://www.docusearch.com/locate-search-quick-reference-guide.html.

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