Marriage and Family Court Records

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Marriage and Family Court Records



  • All marriage and family court records in specified county for past 10 years

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  • 3-7 Business Days

What's Needed:

  • Subject's name, county and state to search
  • Helpful: subject's date of birth

Searched on-site in the requested county, this search will report any family law type cases found, e.g. marriage, divorce, child custody/support, adoption, etc. and return such information as the case number, cause of action, disposition or current status, as well as any details about the case and litigants involved (when available) occurring within the past ten years. This search will not return case transcripts. To help defray rising court costs, some jurisdictions now impose a surcharge to access their records. This fee is county-imposed and passed directly to them.   Click here to check your county. A maximum of ten records will be returned per court searched.


Marriage and Family Court Records

Submitted Data:


County: Los Angeles

State: CA

Data Returned:


Dates Checked: 09/01/2005 - 09/01/2015

Court Name:Consolidated Superior County: Civil Suits

Plaintiff: JOHN Q PUBLIC

Defendant: LISA BROWN

Case #: BD485156

File Date: 05/02/2008



Note: This is a sample of a typical returned search, however actual results may vary.

Note: This is a sample of a typical returned search, however actual results may vary.

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  • You have to visit the county courthouse and do the searching. Do you know where to go and what to look for?


Marriage and Family Court Records Rated 4.85 out of 5 based on 14 ratings and 14 customer reviews. The reviews provided below were submitted by actual Docusearch clients who have purchased this search and have expressed their opinion.

Marriage and Family Court Records Reviews

“Always accurate. Always fast.”
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Reviewed12-05-2012 00:40:48, by Always accurate. Always fast. Very pleased.

“Great Results”
  4/5 Stars
Reviewed10-31-2012 17:49:13, by Thanks for the information. It was very timely

“Great Service”
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Reviewed09-12-2012 19:54:25, by I was pleasantly suprised by just how easy it was to do a civil court records search. I recieved my results in a prompt and timely manner, and I found the customer service to be excellent.

“Results Came Back Fast!”
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Reviewed08-28-2012 18:40:35, by I was very impressed with how quickly the results came back for my civil court record search. Not to mention this is the only investigation company I found with a satisfaction guarantee.

“This site is great”
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Reviewed08-27-2012 14:55:44, by I was having difficulties finding the information on other websites. Docusearch found my information right away and saved me a significant amount of time. I'm glad I used their private investigators for this one.

“Outstanding Customer Service”
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Reviewed08-26-2012 11:16:16, by I came to docusearch for a real property lookup, and I was pleasantly suprised by their user friendly website. Upon calling to place my order I was greeted by friendly customer service who were both polite and thorough. When it comes to my private investigation needs in the future, I will only go to docusearch.

“What a Fantastic Search”
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Reviewed08-24-2012 03:35:45, by Upon opening docusearch's website it was clear to me that they were user friendly. I ordered a real property lookup and I was extremely satisfied to recieve my results shortly after placing my order. The customer service was great, and I will absolutely order from docusearch again.


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Marriage and Family Court Records Rated1 4.85 out of 5 based on 14 ratings and 14 customer reviews.