How to Choose the Best Criminal Background Search

When faced with the decision to choose a new employee or prospective tenant, you may find yourself asking if you can trust this individual to represent your business or respect your property. Applications and job history can provide some insight into the character of your candidate, however, in most cases the information you receive can either be false or not the complete story. To help you make the most informed decision possible, a criminal record check on your subject may be just what you need to gather enough details to form a rounded decision that you as a business or property owner can feel secure with.

To gather this information, you’ll probably first turn to a search engine and look for a service that offers criminal background checks as a specialty. Without a doubt, you’re search will return several results from companies claiming to offer free and unlimited searches and guaranteed information from their databases. While what these companies are offering is technically true; it’s all in how the guarantee is worded. It’s true these companies will perform the search for your subject free of charge, but this is usually a bait and switch tactic that brings the interested consumer to the results page, but will not divulge any details of the search until they submit a payment or register their payment information to set up a recurring charge. Their free and unlimited searches quickly turn into a paid service that is only unlimited with an annual subscription.

Something that you should also consider is that when performing a search through these database companies requires that you rely on the hope that these companies are updating their databases frequently enough that you aren’t missing a 1-3 years’ worth of criminal activity that has been reported by law officials but simply not added to the company’s current data.

To ensure you’re making the most informed decision possible about a potential employee or tenant, you should be looking into the same databases law enforcement officials use. These records contain the most up-to-date and accurate information about any subject on record out there. No instant, free, and unlimited service will contain that level of information that you can feel confident in. So, how do you, as a citizen, gain access to the same databases as law officials? Docusearch Investigations houses a team of state licensed private investigators who have the same accessibility to these databases as law enforcement officials. When a request is submitted, a private investigator performs a search by hand through 507 different databases to ensure that every possible piece of information is returned to you when you receive the results. You can be sure that the information gathered from these databases is the most valid and current data about your subject on record, which will help ensure that the decision you make to trust the individual with your property or representing your business is made with the relevant information possible.

Still have questions about what a private investigator can do for you? Contact the specialists at Docusearch Investigations, they can provide you will every detail you need in trying to decide the right criminal background check service for you.

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  1. jack webb

    how much cost for a countrywide criminal check?

  2. admin

    The cost of a countywide criminal arrest search is $29.00, plus any county imposed surcharges. Visit for more information.

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