Brokerage Account Search: Finding Hidden Stocks, Bonds, Securities

If you currently are or have been involved with a lengthy legal battle, you understand the value of knowing exactly what resources the defendant has. Often times the determining factor of the settlement received in a court case is based on what funds or assets the defendant has available to them. People often find themselves searching high and low to identify sensitive account information, and usually end up hiring a private investigator. Docusearch is not just any private investigation group, they are a team dedicated to helping their customers get results, fast. So whether you’re getting divorced, trying to obtain child support or alimony, thinking about filing a lawsuit, trying to collect a civil judgment, contesting a will or even taking on a new business partner… a Brokerage Account Search can be a true case-saver. This investigative search type allows you to find hidden stocks, bonds, and securities.

With basic information about your subject, a Brokerage Account Search can identify:

  • All Brokerage Accounts
  • Brokerage Name and Address
  • Account Titles, (where available)
  • Account Type
  • Approximate Account Balance (where available)

These details are invaluable, helping people to get the settlements they deserve. At Docusearch, the private investigation professionals hand search databases nationwide to identify all known brokerage accounts (including online). Since each order is hand-searched, results understandably take 10-21 business days in order to allow our private investigators to be as thorough as possible. You can be confident that the information you are taking to court is accurate, whereas other online investigative tools search old and many times irrelevant data. In order to obtain a Brokerage Account Search, just provide our investigators with the following information:

  • The Subjects Full Name
  • Last Known Street Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Helpful: Date of Birth

Docusearch is a company that is always looking to assist their customers. Through the offer of a guaranteed and accurate solution to your investigative needs, Docusearch has become the industry’s leading company for over a decade. The entire private investigation team believes in a strict no-smoke-and-mirrors approach, making them and their results both trustworthy and affordable.

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