Find Police Records and More with our New Free Resource Directory

It’s no secret that the internet is an endless resource for just about anything you have a need for, but finding the right resource to provide you with accurate and verified information is a whole other beast. We’ve recently added a resource directory to our website that offers 36,000 links to government verified and free information for any of the 50 states for a various number of circumstances, such as parking tickets, missing persons, child support issues, occupational/ professional licenses, and worker compensation claims.

Our new database offers all the official information you’re looking for without having to go through a middle man. If the information you’re seeking is publicly available, we’ve made it easier to find with the Free Resource Directory. Why use a service that offers that provide you with the same information, but charge you a fee for locating and processing it for you. We aim to provide customers with the data law enforcement officials have made available in an easy to navigate link directory.

To locate available records for your area, click on your state under search by state. A list of available searches will appear on the next page. Choose your search by clicking on the link and then choose the county your subject resides in. Then, all you have to do is click on the record that you’re looking for and be taken to the official online resource for police and/or legal records.

The available databases provide free information, however, not all records are a matter of public record and still require you to contact a private investigator to connect with the appropriate office and process your request. A professional, state-licensed private investigator is one of the few methods of ensuring the information you find on a subject, is up-to-date, complete, and accurate. If you have any questions about hiring a private investigator to obtain information about a subject that isn’t available through the directory, contact our customer care center at (800) 474-5350.

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