Find Personal Information in 3 Easy Steps

Using a third party investigation service can be costly. Not only that, but you’re bringing a stranger into your life for whatever reason it is you’re requesting personal information. This brings up the age-old saying – if you want something done right, do it yourself.

You may feel comfortable navigating the realms of social media for information, but when it comes to locating important public information, you may not know where to begin. The Internet is a vast space of information where you can quickly become lost, but luckily Docusearch has paved the way for you with their Free Resource Directory search!

Now gathering personal information is a breeze and can be done in 3 easy steps.

1)      Visit Docusearch’s Free Resource Directory at

2)      Search by either location or search type

3)      Narrow results to specific geographic location

Search for parking tickets, missing persons, child support issues, occupational/professional licenses, worker compensation claims, arrest warrants, criminal records, most wanted, property records and much more, in the directory that holds close to 40,000 links to government verified, public information.

Our Free Resource Directory has gathered the information for you making it easier for you to find, whether you’re searching the background information of a prospective employee or you need a forwarding address of an ex-spouse. This eliminates the costly middle man who may nickel and dime you for locating and processing information for you.

The Free Resource Directory aims to provide you with the data law enforcement officials have made available in an easy to navigate link directory.

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