Find People by Their Phone Number- Locate Their Name and Address

You can find people by their cell phone number and get their name and address information online in a matter of days. That’s technology for you! Maybe you don’t want just a name and address. Maybe you need to actually locate someone in person and all you have is their number. That can be done also; but it takes some work.

Cell phone owner information is tricky to come by. Wireless carriers don’t publish that information anywhere online that you can access for free. The only reliable method of reversing a phone to an address is through a license private investigator.

Private investigators are best at locating people with nothing more to go on than a phone number. However, some can be very expensive. If you need the information and can take the time to do some work yourself, you can use some of the same tools the professionals use for much less money.

First, do an Internet search on the phone number and see what information is listed. The report should provide at least one address for people and may include alternative, or new address information, as well. You might even get the names of other people associated with that household. Every piece of information on the report becomes a “lead”.

Take the pieces of information on the report one at a time and follow the lead to exhaustion. For example, let’s say that you get a current address and a previous address, a note about a publicly recorded court document, and the name of someone else who lives at that current address.

If you live close enough to the address to check, drive over and see if the person you are looking for still lives there. If you don’t live nearby or want more information first, take the current address and type it into an Internet search engine. See if anything comes up tied to that address – the name of the property owner, an apartment complex name, a property management company, or some other related piece of information. Follow each related link to the end and jot down every bit of information about that address – especially any phone numbers you find that belong to that address, owner, or apartment complex. Take the second address on the report and do the same review.

Remember, to find people, start with the reverse phone report to get some leads and follow those leads all the way through. Or you may simply use the resources of a reputable, licensed private investigator.  Click this link now to get started.
Published on: July 16, 2010 by admin
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