County-Wide Criminal Arrest Records

Search all recorded criminal arrests (both felony and misdemeanor) within a specified county. Quick and accurate results!

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    • Criminal arrests AND convictions for past 10 years
    • You select the county to search

    Estimated Return Time:

    • 3-5 business days

    What's Needed:

    • Subject's name, DOB, county & state to search
    • Helpful: subject's SSN


    Find arrest records at their source.

    We locate criminal arrest records on-site in the requested county. This search will return all recorded criminal arrests within a specified county. This is the most comprehensive arrest record search available to the public. It will search both both felony and misdemeanors, arrests and convictions.  Results generally include the date of arrest/offense, charge, case number and disposition for all arrests occurring within the past ten years. This is not a database search. Criminal arrest records are actually indexed at the county level with results returned in a matter of days.

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    Arrest Record Search Done Right

    Don’t be scammed by the many affiliates offering free criminal arrest records. Without a doubt, you’re search will return several results from companies claiming to offer free and unlimited searches and guaranteed information from their databases. While what these companies are offering is technically true; it’s all in how the guarantee is worded. It’s true these companies will perform the search for your subject free of charge, but this is usually a bait and switch tactic that brings the interested consumer to the results page, but will not divulge any details of the search until they submit a payment or register their payment information to set up a recurring charge. Their free and unlimited searches quickly turn into a paid service that is only unlimited with an annual subscription.

    Our licensed investigators know exactly where to go. They knows exactly where to go to find the latest arrest records AND convictions for misdemeanors AND felonies at the county level.  And we search back ten years.  In fact, our investigators can uncover this countywide information in just a few days.

    This search will not return any juvenile or sealed records. A maximum of ten records will be returned per court searched.  To help defray rising court costs, some jurisdictions now impose a surcharge to access their records. This fee is county-imposed and passed directly to them.   Click here to check your county.

    Individual New York City boroughs are not available separately and must be searched collectively by ordering the Statewide Criminal Records Search.

    For additional guidance on selecting the most appropriate criminal search, refer to the Docusearch Academy article How to Search Criminal Records.

County-Wide Criminal Arrest Records Rated1 4.75 out of 5 based on 4 ratings and 4 customer reviews.