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Milwaukee County, Wisconsin Business License
Data Source: City of Milwaukee License Division
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Description: Lookup real-time city business licenses by owner, type, business name or address. Licenses include Alarm Business, Aluminum Can Reclaiming Machine, Amusement Machine, Auto Wrecker, Auto Wrecker-Yard, Food Dealer Retail, Bill Posting, Bowling Alley, Carnival Site, Center for Visual and Performing Arts, Cigarette and Tobacco, Beer and/or Wine License, Dance Hall, Dangerous Weapon Retailer's License, Escort Service Business License, Extended Hours Establishments, Handicapped & Elderly Vehicle Permit, Home Improvement Contractor's License, Horse and Surrey Livery Permit, Instrumental Music License, Junk Collector License, Junk Dealer, Loading Zone Permit, Nonprofit Loading Zone Permit, Limousine Permit, Motorcycle, Moving Picture Houses, Coin-Operated, Newspaper Vending Box Permit, Parking Lot or Place License, Pawnbroker's License, Pedicab Owner's Permit, Permanent Extension of Premise, Special Privilege, Phonograph, Photographer, Billiard Hall License, Pool Table License, Precious Metal and Gem Dealer's License, Pre-recorded Music Machine, Record Spins Premises License, Private Waste Collector, Publication Rental Boxes, Roller Skate Rental on Public Premises, Secondhand Dealer, Shooting Gallery License, Public Entertainment Club License, Public Entertainment Club Permit Temporary, Shuttle Vehicle Permit, Snow Plowing Motorized Equipment License, Special Party Permit, Tavern License, Taxicab Permit, Temporary Extension, Theatres and Motion Pictures, Mobile Home Park, Transient Merchant License, Used Bicycle, Tire or Battery Dealer's License, Videogame Center, Lobbyist Principal, Food Peddler Permit, Temporary Food Dealer, Farmer's Market, Bed & Breakfast Establishment, Food Distributor, Food Dealer, Meal Service Establishment/Community Food Program, Food Manufacturer, Private First Responder License, Alarm Sales and Public Entertainment Premises License.
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