Our most popular searches: Looking for the owner of a vehicle by plate # or VIN?  Trying to locate someone’s SSN?  Want to reverse a telephone number?

Looking for someone?  We have several ways you can search and all of our resources are up to the minute.  You can search by social security number, by previous address or by current phone number.  Our Skip Trace Search is a great way to locate a recent skip.  Discover your subject’s date of birth or verify their identity or social security number.

Reversing Phone Numbers: You can trace any active landline/cellular number or disconnected number.  You can even submit a street address and we will return the active landline telephone number.

Combine several popular searches and perform a database background check or background verification search.  Crucial for all new employee hiring is a criminal background check.  You can search criminal records nationally or by state or county.

Often overlooked searches: Determine if someone has filed for bankruptcy, has been sued or is involved in civil litigation, look for assets with one of our property searches.  You can search property records by address or by name/state.

Need more assistance selecting the proper search?  Be sure to visit Docusearch Academy.  We provide articles relevant to specific searches and present feature columns written by leaders in the investigative community. If you require the personal touch, you may always contact us.  Happy Hunting!